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    “America’s Greatness Is Built On America’s Goodness”

    “America’s Greatness Is Built On America’s Goodness” How will America ever be great if it can’t be so good as to protect the lives of its children?  I have recently been asked what I would do to protect the lives of children who are counting on those with authority to protect them.  My answer to this question is that I would expand one of our law enforcement agencies to provide armed agents for every school in America.  And, if not the expansion of an existing law enforcement agency, many other deadly force solutions are viable including the use of former police and military personnel.   We can fix this problem but we first need to be honest about the cause.  The cause is not guns, it’s an issue of dealing with mental illness. I’ve already heard people say this is too large of a task and can’t be accomplished here in American.  And to those people I say, stay out of my way.  As Americans we have to remember the many larger than life tasks we have taken on and concurred.  The Panama Canal was built with Steam Shovels and Slide Rules, we can do anything we put our minds to. As your congressman, my charge will first and foremost be to protect the American people.  And, topping that list will be to protect the lives of those who are just starting life, and shouldn’t have to ask the question… how do I handle the threat of deadly violence while in 3rd grade?  As for me, hand me a weapon and I’ll stand a post. If you are a realest, you can understand that meeting deadly force with deadly force is the solution to school shootings when they happen. Taking guns away is not the solution A more serious approach to background checks is a solution Arming teachers and administrators is a solution Addressing Mental Illness is a solution I’ll say it again – “America’s greatness is built on America’s goodness.”  America will never be great if we can’t protect the lives our children.  Let’s make sure America is great now and forever more.        
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